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Public Good Fund for Faculty


Bluff Lake足球直播比分In 2001, the University of Denver formally adopted language in its vision statement that commits the institution to becoming a great private university dedicated to the public good.

As a means to achieving this vision, the provost has provided an annual fund of $100,000 to promote and increase public good research and outreach at the University. This year, an additional $40,000 is available to help ongoing projects bridge to external funding.

Engaged Scholarship at the University of Denver

足球直播比分Engaged scholarship comprises intellectually and methodologically rigorous work that is grounded in the norms of democratic education:

"...inclusiveness, participation, task sharing and reciprocity in public problem solving, and an equality of respect for the knowledge and experience that everyone involved contributes to education and community building" (Saltmarsh & Hartley, 2011, p. 17).

足球直播比分At its heart, engaged scholarship differs from approaches that emphasize one-way applications of faculty expertise to community problems. Instead, the engaged scholarship intentionally:

  • Emphasize the co-production of knowledge in the context of reciprocal partnerships with local stakeholders.
  • Pursue the renewal of democracy and the kind of public action that works to confront public problems and social justice through democratic means.
  • Demonstrate strong collaboration with community partners in proposal and project development.
  • Forge collaborative enterprises between academic researchers (professors and students) and community members, which validate multiple sources of knowledge. This also promotes using multiple methods of discovery and disseminating gained knowledge.

Request for proposals

The 2019-2020 Public Good RFP is available here足球直播比分. Applications are due Monday, March 2, 2020 at noon. 

Recent Public Good Awards


Shannon Allen, Center for Rural School Health & Education- South Conejos Substance Use Prevention Collaborative

足球直播比分Yolanda Anyon & Kathryn Wiley, Graduate School of Social Work- Sankofic Journey to Inclusive and Affirming Early Care & Learning Environments for Black Children

Marie Berry, Sié Chéou-Kang Center for International Security and Diplomacy- Inclusive Global Leadership Initiative

Elizabeth Campbell, Center for Art Collections (ACE) and History- Ethical Stewardship of Native American Heritage

Jing Li & Paul Sutton & Guiming Zhang,Department of Geography and the Environment- Building a Citizen-centric Digital Urban Environmental Observatory with Nature Kids

Krystyna Matusiak, Morgridge College of Education; Research Methods and Information Science (RMIS) Department; Library and Information Science (LIS) Program- Community Resilience: Preserving and Promoting the Park County Local History Archive

足球直播比分Julia Roncoroni, Department of Counseling Psychology- Cook Eat Share: Community-Participatory Cookbook Project

Breigh Roszelle, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science- Development of Middle School STEM Workshops for Underrepresented Students


Gloria Miller, Teaching and Learning Sciences Department - Partnering with Community Navigators on Cultural Sharing Conversations

Hanson Nyantakyi-Frimpong, Department of Geography and the Environment - Using Participatory Scenario Planning and Photovoice to Understand Community Resilience
足球直播比分Under Anticipated Climate Change Impacts

Jennifer Greenfield, Eugene Walls, Donny Gerke, Graduate School of Social Work - Trans* Health Literacy: Supporting Colorado Communities through Research Education, and Policy Advocacy"

Michael Sousa, Sturm College of Law - Access to Justice for Low-income Consumers: How the Legal System Reproduces Economic Inequality in Debt Collection Proceedings

足球直播比分Barbekka Hurtt, Department of Biological Sciences - Health Professions Highway – Creating a Self-sustaining, Culturally Diverse Pipeline to Develop Future Healthcare Professionals

Zoe Tobier, University Writing Program & Esteban Gomez, Department of Anthropology - This is My Denver: Using Visual Anthropology and Multimodal Composition to Foster Arts-Based Community Activism at North High School

Anamika Barman-Adhikari & Daphne Brydon, Graduate School of Social Work - Adaptation of a Network-based Substance Use Preventive Intervention for Young Adults Who Experience Homelessness

Erin Anderson, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Garrett Roberts, Department of Teaching and Learning Sciences, and Duan Zhang, Department of Research Methods and Information Science - Opening Doors to the Working World for Underrepresented Youth through Documenting K-12 Students' Professional Competencies with Online Micro-credentials


Lynn Schofield Clark, Media, Film, and Journalism Studies & Yolanda Anyon, Graduate School of Social Work—Incorporating Video Storytelling into Trauma-Informed Practice with Low-Income Youth of Color

W. Neil Gowensmith, Graduate School of Professional Psychology—Community Reentry through a Different Lens

Barbekka Hurtt & Nancy Lorenzon, Biological Sciences—Health Professions Highway: Creating a Self-Sustaining, Culturally Diverse Pipeline to Develop Future Healthcare Professionals

足球直播比分Shannon Murphy, Biological Sciences; Robin Tinghitella, Biological Sciences; & Jennifer Hoffman, Physics and Astronomy—DUSciTech2017: Pathways to STEM Careers for Girls of Color and Low-Income Girls in Denver

足球直播比分Christine Nelson, Morgridge College of Education & Sophia Cisneros, Physics and Astronomy—Scaffolding STEM Mentorship for Native Youth: Math|Culture|Environment (M|C|E)

Andrea Stanton, Religious Studies—Our Diverse America: Developing ESL-Appropriate EBook Chapters that Showcase America's Diversity

足球直播比分Sarah Enos Watamura, Psychology—Identifying Risk and Protective Factors for Refugee Children: Promoting Effective Screening and Referral


足球直播比分Yolanda Anyon, Graduate School of Social Work—Increasing Opportunities for Organizational Leadership and Decision-Making Among Low-Income Youth of Color in After School Programs

Bonnie Clark, Anthropology—New Communities of Memory: The DU Amache Project 2016-2017

Oliver Kaplan, Josef Korbel School of International Studies—The Korbel Asylum Project

Shannon Murphy, Biological Sciences; Robin Tinghitella, Biological Sciences; & Jennifer Hoffman, Physics and Astronomy—DUSciTech: A STEM Summer Camp for Girls from Underrepresented Backgrounds at the University of Denver

足球直播比分Cecilia Orphan, Morgridge College of Education—Leading Collective Civic Impact: Measuring and Advancing Higher Education's Contributions to Civic Health in Colorado Community Partner(s): Campus Compact of the Mountain West

足球直播比分Matthew Taylor, Geography—People in the Path of the Nicaragua Canal: Working with Popol Na and Local Communities to Document Current Livelihoods to Permit a More Just Resettlement


Kim Bender & Anamika Barman-Adhikari, Graduate School of Social Work—Photovoice Youth Voice

Erica Chenoweth, Korbel School of International Studies—Production, Dissemination, and Evaluation of a Short Video Highlighting the Historical Record of Nonviolent Resistance

Mailk Nwosu, Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences—Contextualizing African/African American Migration and Diaspora Narratives

Raja Raghunath, Sturm College of Law; Rebecca Galemba, Josef Korbel School of International Studies—Wage Theft in the Commercial Construction Industry in Denver

Ryan Gildersleeve, Morgridge College of Education—EPIC Navigators Task Force: A Youth Participatory Research Project

Eugene Walls, Graduate School of Social Work—The Stigma Effect: The Role of Internalized Racism and Internalized Homophobia in Risky Sexual Behavior Among Black Gay Men

Judy Kiyama, Morgridge College of Education—Cultivating Educational Aspirations in Low-Income Families of Color through Education, Engagement, and Empowerment

足球直播比分Jennifer Greenfield, Graduate School of Social Work—Latina Mothers' Experience in the NICU: An Explanation of the Barriers and Facilitators of Maternal Engagement with Preterm Infants


足球直播比分Erin Willer, Communications—The Scraps of the Heart Project: Storying Infant Death and Healing Parents Through Scrapbooking

足球直播比分Martin Quigley & Matthew Taylor, Biological Sciences and Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences—Mitigation of Environment and Socioeconomic Consequences of Water Scarcity in Rural Landscape Conversion

Vicki Tomlin & Maria Riva, Department of Counseling Psychology, Morgridge College of Education—Refugee Community Collaboration 

足球直播比分Keith Miller, Chemistry and Biochemisty—Designing Interactive Activities to Stimulate Informal Science Learning in Public Libraries

Ramona Beltran, Social Work—RiseUp!: A Culture-Centered HIV/AIDS Prevention Program for Indigenous Youth

Bonnie Clark, Anthropology—Fostering Communities of Memory: The DU Amache Project 2014-2015

William Gowensmith, Graduate School of Professional Psychology—Expansion of the College Gateway Program

足球直播比分Sam Museus, Morgridge College of Education—The Collecting Asian American and Pacific Islander Refugee Stories (CARS) Project

Alejandro Ceron Valdes, Anthropology—Evaluation of Procurement and Supply of Medicines in Guatemala's Public Health System: Case Studies

足球直播比分Cheri Young, Knoebel School of Hospitality Management—Humanity, Hope, and Hospitality


足球直播比分Yoli Anyon and Nicole Nicotera, Graduate School of Social Work—Meeting the needs of diverse learners in the classroom: An interdisciplinary intervention to build the capacity of school personnel

Inna Altschul, Graduate School of Social Work—Increasing College Enrollment, Persistence, and Graduation among DPS Students

足球直播比分Renee Botta, Department of Media, Film and Journalism Studies—Testing the Outcomes of Global WASHES Training Models with New Facilities

足球直播比分Omar Gudiño, Department of Psychology—Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Behavioral Health - Child, Adolescent and Family Services Section

Gloria Miller, Morgridge College of EducationDocumenting Critical Family-School Partnering Strategies with Refugee Parents

Don McCubbrey and Zulema Lopez, Department of Business Information and Analytics and Department of Languages and Literatures—Textbook Translation Project in Support of University Students in Developing Economies

足球直播比分Stephen Shirk, Department of Psychology—Improving Access to Effective Treatment for Adolescent Depression

Matthew Taylor, Department of Geography & the Environment—Creating a Public Web-Based Geographic Information System to Support Communal Decision Making along Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast


足球直播比分Lori Patton and Nicole Russell, Morgridge College of Education—Evaluating and Enhancing the Especially Me Program

Bruce Pennington, Department of Psychology—Integrated Clinical Service for Underserved Children with Learning Disorders

Don McCubbrey, Daniels College of Business (Clinical)—International Internship in Support of Open Education Resources in Developing Economies

Mary Stansbury and Shimelis Assefa, Morgridge College of Education—Choosing Ecellence: Let All Children Bloom

Kimberly Bender, Graduate School of Social Work—Preventing Victimization Among Homless Youth

足球直播比分William Gowensmith, Graduate School of Professional Psychology—How Well Do Decision Makers Understand the Risk for Violence in Mentally Ill Individuals

足球直播比分Michele Hanna, Graduate School of Social Work—Residential Treatment and Adoption: The Adoptive Parent Perspective

Megan Kelly, Writing Program—Cultivating Undergraduate Student Engagement in a Campus-Community Garden

足球直播比分Julie Laser, Graduate School of Social Work—Strengthening Networks of Refugee and Immigrant Service Providers

足球直播比分Eugene Walls, Graduate School of Social Work—Colorado Trans on Campus: Final Report and Dissemination

足球直播比分Bruce Pennington, Department of Psychology—Clinical Service for Underserved Children with Learning Disorders


足球直播比分Tracy Elhers, Department of Anthropology—Todas Somos Lideres: A Leadership Institute of Girls

足球直播比分Matthew Taylor, Department of Geography—Burning for Sustainability: Firewood, Human Health, and Global Warming in Guatemala

足球直播比分Lynn Clark, Department of Media, Film and Journalism Studies—Developing an After-School Multimedia Center at South High School

More Information

For more information, please contact Anne DePrince at anne.deprince@visoka-sola.com, or at 303-871-2939.


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