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COVID-19 and My Student's Health


  • Will all classes be online?

    Fall 2020 courses will be comprised of a mix of in-person, hybrid and online delivery types. The latest statistics from the Registar show only 34% of our classes are fully online. The remaining 66% are a combination of hybrid, lab, performance or lecture thus have face-to-face components.

    • Each unit will offer a variety of in-person classes that include the level of engagement and interaction for which DU is known. When assigning classroom space, we will prioritize these high-impact learning courses, as well as those that are most dependent on physical participation in order to be successful.
    • Hybrid courses will combine online delivery with some in-person teaching, to ensure that specific learning outcomes and experiences are achieved with creativity and meaningfulness. While subgroups of students may meet in-person on different days of the week, and exams may be offered online, these courses will satisfy all accreditation and visa requirements.
    • Online instruction will be reserved for large courses that cannot be delivered on campus in a healthy or safe manner; and those that can be most successfully delivered without compromising the content or the student experience.
  • Are campus visits, tours or sessions impacted at this time?

    The Admissions office is open virtually. The experience includes an , our , and the .

  • Should my student travel to see family?

    Please follow all travel alerts—both domestic and international—closely. Please ask your student to discuss travel plans and share detailed itinerary with families and emergency contacts. 

  • How does the University plan to conduct orientation for new students?

    足球直播比分Throughout the summer we will engage new students and their families in a virtual orientation program including Canvas modules, webinars and remote events. We are currently developing a plan for a staggered move-in process and a fall cohort Discoveries Orientation that will include a blend of small in-person experiences, as well as virtual programming.