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The University of Denver's Research & Scholarship showcase welcomes DU community members to join us in admiration of the exemplary scholarship of our graduate and undergraduate students. This is a collaborative event that combines the previously separate Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium and Graduate DURAPS Research Symposium.

足球直播比分This year's showcase will take place virtually, through a combination of livestreams and dialogue via Twitter.

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    Welcome with Interim Provost Lengsfeld

    足球直播比分May 20, 2020

    足球直播比分12:35 p.m. MT

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    Pre-Recorded Zoom Keynote Presentations

    May 20, 2020

    足球直播比分1:00 p.m. -- Every 30 Minutes

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    Samir Rezgui

    足球直播比分May 20, 2020

    1:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

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    Christina Herrera

    May 20, 2020

    足球直播比分1:30 p.m. –  2:00 p.m.

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    Grant Goble

    足球直播比分May 20, 2020

    足球直播比分2:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

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    Kaitlyn Elting

    足球直播比分May 20, 2020

    足球直播比分2:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

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    Andres Pulido and Avery Becklenberg

    May 20, 2020

    足球直播比分3:00 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.

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    Marianne Hughes

    3:15 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.

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  • College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

    Chloe Allison



    "And The War Goes On..." American Women Battling Sexism in the Vietnam War Era

    Anne Berset



    Formal and Informal Support: Moderating Adverse Childhood Experiences and Mental Health


    Hannah Branit




    Minority Mental Health: Differences in Use of Mental Health Resources 


    Rosie Contino



    What's Out There? Mapping Sexuality Education for Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities


    Anna Daley Laursen



    An Intersectional Feminist Analysis of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples



    Elena Engel



    The Influences of Maternal Behaviors on Infant Vocal Reactivity and Soothability: Maternal Positive Affect, Sensitivity, and Stimulation as Predictive Elements



    Dylan Fox


    Trouble in Tokyo: The West's Fight for the Mind of Cold War Japan


    Mathew Greenlee



    Using the Past to Find a Future: German Intellectual Engagement with the Holocaust and the Construction of a New National Identity


    Madison Hakey






    Disclosure and Perceived Social Support for Sexual Assault Survivors


    Bailey Harris



    Elation and Devastation: Relationships Between Media Consumption, Political Affiliation, and Emotional Responses to the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election


    Ilana Hayutin



    How often and how well do people reappraise?: An investigation of selection and implementation of reappraisal tactics


    Monica Kleyman





    Forced Zionism? The Role Of The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) And The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) In Soviet Jewish Emigration


    Oscar Lama




    Media Coverage Matters: Examining News Stories About Juvenile Crime During Two Eras


    Mackenzie Langley




    Academic and Student Perspectives on Diversity at an “Inclusive Excellence” University


    Kate Maegley




    Becoming Active Consumers: The Connection Between Reflection, Media, and Gender


    Mackenzie Maher





    Evaluating Anger Bias in Facial Perception Within the Context of a Crowd Setting


    Wesley Mysinger



    Social Categorization in Spatial Context


    Haley Paez



    The Sustainability Initiative at the Denver Rescue Mission

    Naitra Ramchander



    Maternal Anxiety and ERP Responses to Happy, Angry, and Fearful Faces in 7-Month- Olds


    Laurel Schlegel


    A Voice for the Voiceless: How American Religious Activists Spoke Out Against the U.S. Government's Role in Cold War Central America


    Richie Snook




    Facing the Consequences: The Rhetoric of Denial During the #MeToo Movement


    Avery Stackle





    Analysis of Forensic Interview Techniques


    Marissa Sulmeisters




    Recidivism: A Case Study Of Reentry Resources And Their Impact On Successful Reentry Post-Incarceration


    Zane Taylor



    Journey to the White Continent: Research as an Artist


    Tabitha Wilbur



    Effect of Maternal Sensitivity on Infant Attentional Biases towards Emotional Stimuli


  • Josef Korbel School of International Studies

    Kathryn Constantinides



    Queering Human Capital: a post-structuralist discourse analysis of the World Bank's Human Capital Project


    Cate Daniels



    Creating a Sustainability Ethic in Artisanal Fisheries


    Walid Hedidar







    The Laïcisation of the Religious Radical in French Public Schools: Does Educational Secularization Drive Youth Away From Violent Extremism  (corrected)

    Marianne Hughes



    How Power Dresses: The Gendered Aesthetics of Uniform A Comparative Case Study of Contemporary Female Heads of State and/or Government in Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines


    Annee Lorentzen



    The Role of Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Conservation


    Andres Pulido


    Advancing A Community Solution Towards Homelessness

    Melissa Shambach



    Entrepreneurship and Youth Unemployment in Jordan


    Grace Reckmeyer


    Women’s Community Conservation: The Effects of Mangrove Restoration Project in Gazi Bay, Kwale County, Kenya


  • College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

    Madeline Almen



    Effects of Microsite Characteristics on Tree Recruitment in the Rocky Mountains


    Angela Baybayon-Grangeorge



    Therapeutic Effects of Betacyanin-enriched Extract from Red-Fleshed Dragon Fruit in the G93A Mutant hSOD1 Mouse Model of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis


    Sophia Bloss



    Analyzing Auditory Characteristics Of A Novel Mating Signal In Teleogryllus oceanicus


    Hannah Burbach



    A Phylogenetic Study On The Activation Mechanism of MC5R By The Pituitary Hormone ACTH


    June Churchill



    Star Go Boom: Observations and Modeling of SN2012au


    Nana Danso



    Role of Microbiome-Derived Polyamines in Parkinson’s Diseases


    Mawusi Danso



    Self-Care or Caring for?: Community Trauma, Social Justice Work, and the Positioning of Self-Care.


    Anna Dischler



    The Effect of TRPML1 Mutations on Zinc and Calcium Permeability in MLIV


    Haley Hammond


    Designing Protein Puzzles for Education in Foldit Standalone


    Dylan Henkel



    Establishing a Closed-Loop Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Circuit in a Parkinson’s Disease Rat Model


    Brianna Herner



    Chronicling Enriched Uranium Atmospheric Deposition in Pond Sediments in Piketon, OH


    Carrie Hicks



    A transcriptomic characterization of immortalized hippocampal Ts16 cell lines to further  elucidate the hippocampal dysfunction in Down Syndrome


    Toni Hinskton



    Catalan Graph


    Veronica Huizar Cabral



    The Role of RNA in Protein Folding and Aggregation


    Leah Huzjak



    Vortex Formation In Light Due To A Blockage


    Aly Jeng



    Human Mutations In VPS41 And Their Effects On Insulin Secretion


    Michelle Kyster



    Photoassisted [4+2] Cycloaddition Followed by Modification


    Kate LeJeune



    Optimization of a Genetically Encoded Optical Zinc Probe



    Rebecca McCubbin



    Photoluminescence and Photocurrent in Perovskite Solar Cells


    Marin Miner


    Analyzing the pharmacological properties of Neopterygian Melanocortin-2 Receptor and Melanocortin-5 Receptor: A study on bowfin (Amia calva)

    Will Moody



    Role Of FXS-Causing Point Mutations In FMRP's KH RNA Binding Domains In The Regulation Of Its Function In Vivo


    Ngoc Nguyen



    Accessing Heavy Metal And Nutrient Pollution In Sediments And Surface Water In To Lich River, Hanoi, Vietnam


    Kate Pletcher



    Controlling And Correcting Optical Vortex Tilt


    Samir Rezgui



    Synthesis of Fluorescent Compounds to Detect Ethylene Gas


    Madison Russell



    Preventative Therapeutic Effects of ImmunocalⓇ in a Mouse Model of Repetitive Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (corrected)


    Lincoln Schafer



    Quantitative Research Into Light Pollution


    Sam Scherer



    High Throughput Drug Screening of FDA Approved Drugs for Glioblastoma Multiforme



    Irene Schimmel



    The Unseen Impacts Of Light Pollution On Human Health


    Aziz Syammach



    Wing Morphometric Analysis of a Novel Sexual Signal in Pacific Field Crickets


    Nic Tarasewicz



    Neighborhood-level Impacts of Street Trees on Air Pollution Mitigation and Urban Health in Washington Park and Park Hill, Denver, CO


    Anit Tyagi



    Understanding Why The Anti-Cancer Drug, Pembrolizumab, Fails In Certain Patients



    Tadeusz (Teddy) Wroblewski




    Inhibition of PDGFR May Be a Viable Treatment Option for Meningiomas


  • Daniels College of Business

    Ericka Bremer



    How to Increase Student Engagement at the University of Denver: A Study of How & Why Undergraduates Spend Their Time


    Christina Herrera



    Revenue Management and Restaurants


  • Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science

    Maxwell Gordon



    A Centralized Approach for Directing Autonomous Vehicles Through an Intersection

    Emma Young


    Creating a Statistical Shape Model of the Patella

    Sameer Chopra




    Andriy Novykov



    Design of a Tetro-Drive for closed-loop Deep Brain Stimulation systems

    Kaitlin Smith




    Improved Approach for Multiple Signal Alignment with Dynamic Time Warping for Application to Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease 

    Lesley Figueroa





    Use Of Computer Vision System To Determine The Severity Of Movement Disorder In Parkinson’s Disease 


  • College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

    Kiki Kline


    Eating Disorders and Nonsuicidal Self-Injury in Adolescents


    Lucien Darjeun Meadows




    Elohlogies of Environmental Trauma, Reclamation, and Survivance

  • Graduate School of Social Work

    Jennifer Stanga



    TF-CBT With CBITS For Students That Experience Trauma


    In young Park 



    A phenomenological study of Korean American parents of 1.5-generation immigrant child


    Kaitlyn Elting



    The One Health Impacts of Trap-Neuter-Return


  • Sturm College of Law

    Shani Vargo



  • Graduate School of Professional Psychology

    Ethan Rosen


    Pensamiento Saludable: Adaptation Phase of the Thinking Healthy Program


  • Josef Korbel School of International Studies

    Sarina Phu



    Resistance Isn’t Futile: A Case Study of the Hong Kong Extradition Bill Protests


    Aaron Lathrop-Melting




    Will Climate Change Affect Cocaine Production? Employing Indirect Agricultural Impact Modeling Techniques to Assess Climate's Role in Illicit Coca Yields in Colombia, with Implications for Adaptation and Policy


  • Morgridge College of Education

    Amy Vo



    Culturally Responsive Practices to Effectively Teach Students Whom Are Refugees


    Joi Lin


    Educational Experiences of Gifted Graduate Students Studying Gifted Education


    Paige Alfonzo



    Measuring the Connective Action of Black Lives Matter Activists: A Psychometric Investigation into Twitter Data


    Grant Goble



    The Impact of a High School Theatre Arts Program on Student Academic and Non-Academic Outcomes: A Case Study


    Laurier Cress



    The High John Experiment: An Analysis of Library Outreach in A Historically Marginalized Community



Keynote Speakers

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Grant Goble

Grant is in the Curriculum and Instruction Ph.D. program within the Morgridge College of Education. Prior to attending the University of Denver, Grant was a high school theatre teacher and director, which informs his research interests in theatre arts, arts-based education, and utilizing theatre arts outside the theatre classroom. He recently defended his dissertation on the impact of theatre arts participation and student outcomes.

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Christina Herrera

My name is Christina Herrera. I am a fourth-year undergraduate student in the Daniels College of Business. I am studying Hospitality Management in the Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management, and I am also pursuing a minor in Spanish. My concentration is in revenue management and I hope to one day become a Hotel Revenue Analyst. Through my time at DU, I have had the opportunity to study abroad for a semester at Queen’s University, Belfast, and work with some of the country’s top hospitality companies, including MGM Resorts International, and Relais and Chateaux. I am so thankful for the opportunities have gained throughout my four years as a student at DU and am proud to call this university my home.

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Samir Rezgui

Samir is fourth year undergraduate student studying chemistry. Throughout his undergraduate studies Samir became deeply interested in organic chemistry, which prompted him to join Dr. Michel’s organic chemistry research group at the end of his sophomore year. Samir has focused his research efforts towards developing tools to detect endogenous ethylene and carbon monoxide in biological systems. This fall Samir will continue his organic chemistry pursuits at Cal Tech, where he will be working towards a PhD in chemistry. His graduate studies are funded through the NSF Graduate Research Fellows Program. Samir aspires towards a career as a synthetic organic chemist, with his dream job being a chemist who synthesizes novel fragrance compounds for perfumes.

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Marianne Hughes

Marianne will soon complete her Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies, French, and Art History before continuing her studies in the fall at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies as a Master’s Candidate. She is especially interested in the intersectional study of material culture, clothing, and politics, and has conducted research on the subject in London, Paris, Sydney, Jakarta, and Manila. As a Research Assistant Project Lead at the Pardee Center for International Futures, her background in studying Head of Government and State travel was especially formative in shaping her thesis research. She would like to extend a special thank you to her colleagues at the Pardee Center and especially her thesis advisor, Dr. Marie Berry.

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Kaitlyn Elting

My name is Kaitlyn Elting and I am currently a graduate student at the University of Denver working to earn my Master of Social Work degree. I have nearly ten years of experience working with youth and adolescents in academic and therapeutic environments. Previously, I have worked in classrooms, ran after school enrichment programs, and worked at a short-term residential crisis facility. I plan to obtain my Animal Assisted Social Work certification and follow the children & youth track at GSSW. I also currently work as a Graduate Research Assistant for IHAC in the Animals in Communities project with a focus on PFL and TNR. I truly value the opportunity to study the human-animal bond, something I’ve known for a long time was truly special and so powerful, and I look forward to pursuing a career that pairs my passion for adolescent advocacy and therapy, animals, and social justice!

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Andres Pulido

足球直播比分As a University of Denver, second-year Honors and Boettcher Scholar, Andres Pulido is pursuing a B.S.B.A in Finance and a B.A. in International Studies. In the community, he is actively engaged as a Portfolio Manager for the Reiman Fund – which manages $300,000 of the university’s endowment fund – on the Scholars Board of the Boettcher Foundation and Pioneer Leadership Program, and in two DU Grand Challenges’ initiatives, on homelessness and on crime prevention. Whenever not working, you can find him advocating for policy, playing tennis, traveling, or enjoying a book. Currently, Andres works as a Research Assistant for the Pardee Center for International Futures and is preparing to start a Summer Business Analyst internship at U.S. Bank, and in Fall 2020 studies for an M.A. in Global Finance, Trade, and Economic Integration. He can be reached at or found on LinkedIn.

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Avery Becklenberg

Avery is a second-year undergraduate student at the University of Denver, where she pursues B.A.s in international studies and communication studies with minors in leadership studies and Spanish. Outside of the classroom, Avery exercises her passions for community engagement and collaborative leadership by working in the University’s admission’s office, participating in the Pioneer Leadership Program, and volunteering at the Casa de Paz. Most recently, Avery has collaborated with CCESL and a team of her colleagues to design solutions to the challenges faced by organizations that help people who experience homelessness in Denver. When she is not working on these projects, Avery also enjoys hiking, biking, reading books, and playing cello. She can be reached at

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